Friday, August 26, 2011

' WHY '

' WHY' just a simple word but has so many question. I hope that post was not literally keep haunted your heart. Hopefully not. If I would, I want you to be with me for a very long term. Can't you see my effort? Can't you see all of my sacrifices ? Can't you feel my LOVE ? Can you SEE that ?? I'd do anything to please you. But why why why and why now? You've changed, you have changed to a someone that I'm not sure whom.

It hurts me sometimes. Badly bleed. Somebody pls pls pls help me find my Heart back? pls I'm beggin ;( I'm on my knees now, I'd hug your legs for helping me to find my Heart back. I need that Heart for stay alive. Pls help me ;( GOD, show me a way. I hate to say this but sometimes yess, I'm worried. I'm terrified that someday you'll leave me alone. I don't want that to happens. If you already make your decision, umm I couldn't say a things. I'm not goin to ask you to stay, but day by day I'm trying my best to make you feel my love, to miss me like you always does. Pls, don't make our love fade away. I hate dull, for the time being I can sense something that I dislike. Everything I do keep remind me of you. Why? Why you've changed that fast? Am I the one who screwed everythings up? Did I messed up ? What did I do wrong this time? WHAT?! Geez, I love you Heart. Why you've been acting so different. I can stand with your ego, I push my ego away just because of you. I know I'm not that perfect like your ex(s). But pls, respect me as your lover. As your partner, as your sayang. Why would you change ? What make you change ? Is't me? I'm not a pinochio. If you want me, you can just buzz me. If you don't want me you keep the distance away from me. Why ? I've no clue. I'm terrified. Do you STILL LOVE ME ? Don't simply say those 3words but yourself doesnt mean it. I need love from you. I need YOU!

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