Monday, January 31, 2011


COOL huh !
tongue and Lips piercing !
Well, we meet again ;) Alright, just make it simple, I am being myself , I have a very ODD hobbies, lololl. I love piercing . I don't know why, but yeahh, I just Love it ! :P For now I only have my tongue piercing cos my lips piercing already cure due to some difficulties ,HAHA. Well um, its not easy to care for a piercing cos you have to be careful and be as clean as you can be. Every morning you have to clean it up and gargles with listerine or SALT WATER might be help too. Don't forget at night before you go to sleep. It's to prevent all the infection. Bad bacterias and all the dangerous circumstances. I'm using listerine in the morning and at night , don't ever OVER clean the piercing cos you don't want to clean all the GOOD bacterias, we do need the good bacterias for avoid the bad bacterias. yeahh, maybe it sounds stupid, but then thats the most important thing we have to be alert. Just do what you want to do, life is short, make it awesome ! HAHA . And don't ever regret with what you've done, take the chance and face the risk ,thats life. Life's easy, but we are the one who make it complicated. Well said, buh-bye ;D

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Geli wehh pegang Sugar Glider nehh !! -.-
Life's full of dramas. We never expect our life will be so much complicated as a maze. As we know, we are the one who arrange the puzzle of our life though. But we are the one who'd screw up everything. This is life, so many issues to handle.Well, just cut all the crap, I am a person who's always face the music, there's no turn back after I already take my own path, that's what I choose, that's my fate, what can I do is keep pray. Sometimes we have to be plastic, or I can say 'Fake'. Like when you're not really in the mood suddenly your grandma ask you to give her a massage, for me I can't simply say NO to her cos it's very rude. So yeah, being fake isn't bad at all, livin our life as much as we can. Never ever say NO toward something or someone. Maybe we must say NO to SMOKE.(HAHA) . I mean, just keep please everyone, cos if we being so nice to people, we always get the return, Its not like you hope you might get something or like a full bag of money etc. Its maybe something that you're not expected, perhaps. Life's cruel, but remember that ALLAH always at your side to give you a strength. I'm not a good guy though, I've learn from my mistakes, what is done Its DONE ! Don't ever blame the Fate. What can I do now is pray for a better life in future. Don't judge someone before you get the chance to knowing them. I am Heartless sometimes, I am being Pathetic Sometimes, I am being Sarcastic sometimes, I am Who am I. Think positive and rational. Don't ever make a decision when you're angry cos you might be regret for the whole of your lifetime. Believe me, What goes around, comes around ;)