Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Month Anniversary ;)

Here it goes, today is our big date. For me its very important date tho'. We've been thru this relationship for a month. So yeahh, congrats? LOL I just wanna say thank you thank you and thank you. You mean a lot to me sayang. We're gonna thru thick and thin together no matter what happens. I'll try my best to not being so paranoid. I know sometimes I can be as jerk as an ass. Oh well, that's just me. Iam being IMM ;) Thank you for accepting my in your life. Thank you for let me in to be part of your life. As you've said, me completed your life. I'm so in love with you, and that is the reason I've been acting like a jerk lately. I apologize because of that. Theres always a reason of everything happened. I need you, I need you to be there for me and stay. I know we can't get everything that we want. But you're my desire, you're my everything of course I need you to stick with me no matter what is the obstacles. You've said that we're gonna thru this thing together. I think I can count on you sayang. Please stay, and uh on my part yess, I know what I want. I hope its vice versa. Its hard to say, I mean distance is not our main problem. It just sometimes I think too much. Its suck when you're not here by my side. Its killin me. I hope that you can be more patient with me. I am a person that so effin hard to cry. But once I cry, theres must be a concrete reason.

My tears for those who can appreciate me. To those who can accept the way I am, to those who can chill with my attitude. To those who can be there for me. Well um, What the most important is You Love me ;) thats enough for me tho'. My jealousy can kill me silently without me knowing it. I don't know why. maybe I'll peace if you're right infront of me. Yeahh, exactly. Still I won't stop you to doing anything that you want. Thats your life. Please don't stop convincing me also cos I'm easily distracted by a rumors. Always remember your limit. Enough said. Again, Happy 1st Month Anniversary ;) Thank you for everything. Thank you and thank you <3 Me Heart You Love ;)