Friday, February 11, 2011


Hello Hello Helloo :) Cut all the crap, I want to share something with you guys. Is't bad if a guy wearin a flower print or abstract shirt ? Nah, just wanna share what is your opinion about it lh kn , who might know others will think a guy put a shirt with a flower print seems look alike a girl or a soft-guy. For me, we can just wears anything and everything that we want as long it is look smart and nice. So, just stop judging what people wears and what people do lh. People can say anything that they want, yeahh, just minding your own business laa deyy :) HAHAHA. Make it short, there's NOTHING wrong with a guy wears a flower or pinky shirt. I am not bias, Its up to the individual whether they want to put what kind of outfit on them. Life is full of FUN yaww ;) Just make it cool. Mind your own business, I know there's nothing wrong if you want to give your point of view on something, but yeah, just wear want you want, don't worry what people going to say about it :)