Tuesday, June 7, 2011

D&G NO.3

Well, that's explain everything <3 16th of MAY 2011

You're my melody, You're my soul. You're my rhythm, You're my light <3

XXS =.=

Oh well, I'll make sure that am going to wear this shirt no matter what. Wait, I don't want to lose your smell that lingers on that shirt also, how o,O LOL Thanks, Heart <3

5th of JUNE 2011 =D 2145PM

Sunday, June 5, 2011


She's still owe me a Boston's Piano version tho' =P

I wish I were there TO GIVE YOU A HUG. Firstly, I want to apologize to you with what I've done towards you,  I feel bad. Like literally am look like a pirate now LOL I hope you will read this. This is specially for you <3 
I know I've been totally a jerk but so you know that am not askin to be like this shitty. I hate when this is happened. I hate when I've hurt someone that I love. I hate when I don't feel like myself. I hate giving a hope. i hate when people started to ask me why am being such an idiot. I hate when this question keep playing and changing it slides in my head. I wish I know the answer. Well, this post actually for a very special and gorgeous girl that had entered in my life. She's amazingly beautiful in and out. She's a person that so I could call as a very good friend of mine. She's a person that I shall talk to like 24/7, I think ? If she want to. You're very understanding and outstanding girl that I've known. Thanks for everything. I appreciate every single things that you've done to me. Thanks for being my friend till now. Thanks for all the cherish and special moments when am with you (lepak sana sini, skype =p ) Here's the thing, HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY DARLING <3 


I don't have anything to give to you yet. But but but, I have an open heart to let you be part of my life. No matter what is the statuses. Yea, I think you can count on me every single bit of everything. I'll try my best to be your best buddy =))
Enjoy your 20th BIRTHDAY, for me you're no longer a teen tho' LOL You're a person that I'll never ever erased in my life. That's all from me *BIGhugggggg*

Reminiscing =D
Thanks again for being so understanding DOPE girl to me =DD


Dear blog. Just so you know that. I missed you so much. And I miss everything about you. Oh well, you know what. I think this is the right time for me to share with you about what had happened to me recently. Am slightly lost with my life, well practically I almost forgot how to be loved and how to love someone. Am tired to give my heart to a random people. I hate when my heart shattered into pieces and there is no one that can glue, find the missing pieces and treasure it. Am losing hope day by day. Month by months.

Am I deserve all of this? Oh, KARMA. NOTED! Almost forgot about KARMA. Well, am pretty close with KARMA or I can say, me and KARMA is a good friends tho'. Its true when it comes to " Waiting is Torturing " but don't wurry. Every single time when clock is ticking you will flow to understand what is life all about. Don't easily give up on something or someone. If its meant to be, it will happens. Just be patience. Don't rush to get something cos afraid it will broke your heart later on. Go with the flow it is =DD

Life is so valuable. Appreciate every single bit of it <3


Meet my *jawdropping* gorgeous tremendously  FRIENDS <3
New friends. I love making a new friends, but am a type that hard to approach someone LOL. Well, that's me. You have to break the concrete wall in order to know who I am. Am a very easy out-going guy yet I can be so much complicated. One thing, am very friendly guy tho'.  You can tell me anything about youself and yeaa, we can be a friends ! That simple ! Okay, cut the shitty. I want you to meet my new friends =))



New !! <3 <3 <3

Don't you ever dare take them away from me ! READ this ?! HAHAHA Heart you guys so much ! Thanks for everything. Appreciate every single lil' things <3

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Hello, we meet again. After almost 4months of silence. Well, here it goes. There is so many thing that happened to me for a last few months. Literally, like a lot ! I've met a new people that to me is a stranger but yet the stranger actually is your friends at nearly future. My life pretty good with all my friends that keep me smile even am not in a good mood tho'. For me its count every single lil' things that they had done to me. How did they treat me so well. Am feel safe with them. Life is about give and take. Once you have make your decision, you have to face the risk, don't afraid to look back. We need that to cover back and learn at least some bit from our past. Don't get mad if people keep judging about your life in the past. We as a human that have an intelligence we are the one who should be more matured and give a positive feedback. We can't just get pissed or throw all the bad words to them, don't you think that's just shows that we are stupid or I can summon that we were just the same like them ?? Oh well, life is all about KARMA. Bear with that. I've been seeking for a better person in my life. A gorgeous person that can make me smile even my tears falling from my eyes. I need that, after almost a year so called SINGLE handsome guy LOL. So,yeaa. I think I need to let someone that can enter and find a key to open my heart back <3