Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Well, Its me. Immster.

This is my story so far, my name's AIMAN HUSIN but you guys can call me imm, i am very easy-outgoing guy, have a lot of humors too, if you're OK with me, i would treat you nicely.i love laughing, i am enjoying my life instead think too much stupid things. i often craving for a cakes, chocolate and i love sweets too. i have a particular way of looking life , sometimes i get to stucked in the past, sometimes i run too fast, sometimes i choke myself, sometimes i think too much , but when that happens, music comes along.

Music has always been the best way to express myself, i try to get better at it as much as i can, each moment that passes by, makes me understand more about it and it also makes me understand you guys, and thats the great bond between us , i can show my laughter, hide my fears , talk about that special someone, and much more things a lot of subjects we can relate two, because this is not about me, it's about you people too, and knowing that all of this comes from the heart.

Its not a plan of fame, money or something else, it's about you guys finding a very nice place too, and keep looking forward together. Life’s sucks, just be strong. Always go with the flow, I’m not saying that I am a good person or a good adviser. Its just please bear in your mind that we’re always have a chance in our life tho. We have the power of choose and yeah, we all deserve for another chance. If you want something to change, you have to change first. Never ask for things to be easier, but always ask yourself to be better. Just be yourself.

Those are my kind words for the moment, and remember your always welcomed over here .with Love imm xx