Sunday, June 5, 2011


She's still owe me a Boston's Piano version tho' =P

I wish I were there TO GIVE YOU A HUG. Firstly, I want to apologize to you with what I've done towards you,  I feel bad. Like literally am look like a pirate now LOL I hope you will read this. This is specially for you <3 
I know I've been totally a jerk but so you know that am not askin to be like this shitty. I hate when this is happened. I hate when I've hurt someone that I love. I hate when I don't feel like myself. I hate giving a hope. i hate when people started to ask me why am being such an idiot. I hate when this question keep playing and changing it slides in my head. I wish I know the answer. Well, this post actually for a very special and gorgeous girl that had entered in my life. She's amazingly beautiful in and out. She's a person that so I could call as a very good friend of mine. She's a person that I shall talk to like 24/7, I think ? If she want to. You're very understanding and outstanding girl that I've known. Thanks for everything. I appreciate every single things that you've done to me. Thanks for being my friend till now. Thanks for all the cherish and special moments when am with you (lepak sana sini, skype =p ) Here's the thing, HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY DARLING <3 


I don't have anything to give to you yet. But but but, I have an open heart to let you be part of my life. No matter what is the statuses. Yea, I think you can count on me every single bit of everything. I'll try my best to be your best buddy =))
Enjoy your 20th BIRTHDAY, for me you're no longer a teen tho' LOL You're a person that I'll never ever erased in my life. That's all from me *BIGhugggggg*

Reminiscing =D
Thanks again for being so understanding DOPE girl to me =DD


  1. one of the best gift(walaupun bukan gift sangat)that I received,thank you so much Imm and I'm sorry too.I hope we can start fresh.P.S. not bad writing =)

    geez, tuh je I mampu bagi you so far =))
    oh, thank you <3