Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy 3rd Anniversary & Happy Eid ;)

It was a superb Raya to me. Dapat beraya dengan si Dia ;) Thank you fer everything. I love your family, I'm starting  to miss that lil' girl! Well, I'm not that perfect nor that good to be your lover. But I'm trying my best to be the one who can please you. No matter what happen, we will thru this thing together. Its not jes about me, its about us. I hope you can understand in any matter. Every single thing that I do, it will reminds me of you. I might would be the water, but remember I have my limits too. I'm jes a human being like you. I have flaws. And I hope you can accept my flaws. I'll do the same. Insecurities is my nick name. Makes me to forget about that nick name. I kinda hate it. I need you to be part of me. I need you to please me too. I need you to stay by my side. Thank you , thank you and thank you. That's all I can say fer this moments. Well, 3 months and still standing, I'm pretty impressed with myself though LOL This Raya is my favorite ! I had fun, hopefully you would feel the same. I've tried to fulfill your request, I'm sorry if I bare do that. There's no words can describe how I feels right now. May you be blessed and stay happy. No need to pressure yourself, everything happen fer a reason and you are the one who should convince yourself to keep strong and hold on. I Heart You Love <3 Selamat Hari Raya and maaf zahir batin ;)

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